World Business Consulting


World Business Consulting

Offers its customers a list of promising products developed by partner companies working in various sectors of the economy around the world.


Investment product, which is a form of asset management. In many respects it is similar to a bank deposit, but it surpasses it in a number of parameters:

  • Absence of restrictions on withdrawal, or replenishment of the balance for any amount;
  • Availability of funds on the balance 24/7;
  • Excellent profit, exceeding bank deposits and inflation thresholds;
  • Protection against currency risks by holding assets in "hard" currencies.

This is a product for people who value their time and stability!

Royal Realty

A social program for "ROYAL" owners, which goal is to improve the living conditions of customers.

If you are tired of paying rent, and you would like to have your own housing, or improve your current housing conditions, then this program is created for you.

Royal Auto

A social program for "ROYAL" owners, which mission is to provide customers with flexible and comfortable conditions for purchasing cars.